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Family Coin Bank Challenge

We know you don't like dealing with coins.  They are all over the house, get piled up in your vehicle, and the vacuum cleaner won't pick them up. 

The solution is to save them in a foundation coin bank.  Pick up a coin bank at River Valley Bank in Minocqua, fill it up and bring to RV Bank who will run your coins and make a deposit into the foundation's account to help us pay our fixed annual expenses.  Your contributions are eligible for special tax treatment as contributions to a public charity.  The family that deposits the most in coin bank funds each year will receive a gift certificate at a local retailer or they can leave the funds with the foundation.  Make cents?  Is your family up to the challenge?


*Immediate family members of foundation staff are encouraged to participate but are not eligible to win.  We will mail you a receipt for each deposit for tax planning purposes.